The Saga of Dom Wafkon- Characters
Meet the Characters

These are just notes on the charcters, kind of an outline for me when I'm writing and you when you're reading. Got any ideas? Give me some feedback or email me with any and all ideas: additions or changes to an existing character, ideas for new characters, anything. If there's a charcter you know is based on you, please feel free to give me your ideas. (Remember, the character is only based on you, the character is not actually you.) Also, I will be needing some teacher characters at Dom Wafkon, so if you have an idea, do tell!

Character List

Anithy/ Kith

Jaydi/ Ru'soq

Kala/ Marani

Ishaka/ Syrae


Tristessa/ Teagan

Illythia/ Crete

Domjo Hetul

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