The Saga of Dom Wafkon- Orrayn


Birth Name: unknown
Warrior Name: Orrayn
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Eyes: green
Hair: black shoulder-length
Skin: pale
Region: 1st- Desert, 2nd- Swamp
Element: air, water
Symbol: Drop
Colours: black, purple, silver
Favourite weapon: knife, dagger, poison
Animal Type: avian
Animal Guide Species: crow
Animal Guide's Name:
Animal Guide's Gender: male
Animal Guide's Appearance:
Musical Instrument: guitar
Time Ability: Timedomo


Orrayn wanted to become a warrior, so he travelled through the Desert. He took the tests to be accepted as a warrior-in-training, but failed and was sent back to outside the Shared Plain. He was disheartened, but not discouraged, and tried again, this time going through the Swamp. Again he took the tests, and again he was refused training. He was sent back to outside the Shared Plain, and tried again, going through the Desert as he had the first time. He believed that he would fail the tests again, so decided not to try, and instead stayed in the Grassland, keeping watch for warriors and those who would become warriors in order to glean as much information as he could and train himself.

Orrayn first meets Jaydi when she approaches DW, asks her about DW and the Masters because she was born and lived there, because he wants to try again to get into DW, then she gets suspicious about why he wants to know so much, because he doesn't tell her that he's failed to get into DW before, several times, and her guardian isn't there to advise her- it's off hunting or something, so she runs off because she thinks Orrayn is evil.

She tells KIJA about Orrayn and so they all believe her that he's evil, then when they leave DW and go to get Feren, then go back to DW, Orrayn is there and he wants to help them defend it but he can't get in unless they let him in, so they won't let him help them, then after Anithy's brother gets killed, T/C come back to tell them that they have to go to Dark Fortress and bring Orrayn with them, but they still don't trust him so they won't let him in their group but he knows that he has to help them so he follows them even though they try to stop him. Anithy starts to think that maybe he isn't so bad because of something her brother said to her, and she tries to convince the others to give him a chance, but they won't, then they get to Dark Fortress and T/C come back and tell them that in order to defeat the Evil they need to trust Orrayn but still only Anithy believes that he might be okay, and it works out that Anithy's mother dies because they don't let Orrayn help, then T/C come back reveal who they are and tell them that Orrayn could've prevented Anithy's mother's death, but now that she's dead, DW has fallen and they have to team up with Orrayn and go rebuild it.

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