The Saga of Dom Wafkon- Jaydi/ Ru'soq

Jaydi/ Ru'soq

Birth Name: Jaydi
Warrior Name: Ru'soq
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Eyes: light blue
Hair: medium-length blonde
Skin: medium
Region: Forest
Element: earth
Symbol: Cirswirl
Colours: green, silver
Favourite weapon: longbow, shortsword, knife
Animal Type: rodent
Animal Guide Species: rat
Animal Guide's Name:
Animal Guide's Gender: female
Animal Guide's Appearance:
Musical Instrument: drum
Time Ability: Timemoniter


Jaydi was born in Dom Wafkon, as was her sister, who is one year younger. Her mother was a warrior, and her father was a cook. He had travelled to Dom Wafkon as a young man, but when he failed the test to be accepted as a warrior-in-training, he decided to stay and become a cook, rather than go home and face ridicule and a future with his father in the quarries. Jaydi's mother was often off on journeys and fighting, and she died in a battle on her first journey after giving birth to Jaydi's sister. After her mother died, her father took the two girls to live outside the Shared Plain, as there were too many painful memories there for him. Jaydi has very few memories of Dom Wafkon because she was so young when they left, and her sister doesn't remember anything of it.

After Jaydi got into an argument with her father, she decided that she would go train at Dom Wafkon like her mother did. When she told him, he threatened to lock her in her room, but she ran away and began her journey through the Forest.

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