The Saga of Dom Wafkon- Ishaka/ Syrae

Ishaka/ Syrae

Birth Name: Ishaka
Warrior Name: Syrae
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Eyes: brown
Hair: short black
Skin: medium-dark
Region: Desert
Element: water
Symbol: Drop
Colours: red, gold
Favourite weapon: whip, broadsword, dagger
Animal Type: avian, reptile
Animal Guide Species: hawk
Animal Guide's Name:
Animal Guide's Gender: female
Animal Guide's Appearance:
Musical Instrument: horn
Time Ability: Postmoniter


Ishaka is an only child who lived with her parents in Dom Wafkon. Her father was a warrior who occaisionally went on quests, but more often stayed at Dom Wafkon, working with the youngest warriors-in-training, and her mother was a warrior who taught the upper-level classes at Dom Wafkon.

Ishaka had a very independent streak, and although she wanted to become a warrior like her parents, she wanted to fight, not teach. Like all children who grow up in Dom Wafkon, when she decided that she wanted to start training, she was sent to the Shared Plain to make her way through a Region, in her case the Desert, on her own.

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