The Saga of Dom Wafkon- Domjo Hetul

Domjo Hetul

Birth Name: unknown
Warrior Name: Hetul (Domjo)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Eyes: dark blue
Hair: shaggy grey hair and full beard
Skin: medium
Region: Forest
Element: earth
Colours: green, silver
Favourite weapon: shortbow, shortsword, knife
Animal Type: rodent
Animal Guide Species: squirrel
Animal Guide's Name:
Animal Guide's Gender: male
Animal Guide's Appearance:
Musical Instrument: bells
Time Ability: Premoniter


Domjo Hetul's history is largely unknown. He was a warrior of Dom Wafkon who had travelled through the Forest. He never married or had children, but regrets it. He was a teacher at Dom Wafkon until he was wrongly exiled, and he ended up in the same village where Anithy lived. After breaking up a fight between her and another street kid, he trained her for two weeks before she left to become a warrior herself.

He walks with a slight limp, a souvineer of a fight he had in his youth.

In spite of being exiled, he had great respect for the old ways and for Dom Wafkon. He is a very strict teacher who works to extract the best from his students.

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