The Saga of Dom Wafkon- Anithy/ Kith

Anithy/ Kith

Birth Name: Anithy
Warrior Name: Kith
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Eyes: hazel
Hair: long brown
Skin: pale
Region: Swamp
Element: air
Symbol: Swirl
Colours: purple, silver
Favourite weapon: shortbow, longsword, knife
Animal Type: feline
Animal Guide Speices: cat
Animal Guide's Name: Kubai
Animal Guide's Gender: male
Animal Guide's Appearance:
Musical Instrument: lyre
Time Ability: Premoniter


Anithy was born to a complete family. Her father was a tailor, and she had a loving mother and a brother who was several years older. As she tells the story, the butcher, Feren, became upset with her father, and came to their house one night for his revenge. Her father held him off while her mother instructed her brother to take his sister and go to their uncle's house. Anithy and her brother escaped, but Feren killed both her parents. They lived with their uncle for a time, but he was a drunkard and abusive, so they left to live on their own, as street urchins. As soon as Anithy could fend well enough for herself, her brother left to go train at Dom Wafkon.

For several years, Anithy lived on her own and waited for her brother to return for her as he promised he would. But as he didn't, Anithy became impatient and decided that she would go to Dom Wafkon herself, become a warrior, and get revenge on Feren for killing her parents. Shortly before she was going to leave, she got into a fight with another street kid that was stopped by Domjo Hetul. He convinced her to stay with him for two weeks so that he could help train her in order for her to be able to survive even getting to Dom Wafkon. After she trained with him for two weeks, she left to begin her journey to Dom Wafkon through the Swamp.

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