The Saga of Dom Wafkon- Kala/ Marani

Kala/ Marani

Birth Name: Kala
Warrior Name: Marani
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Eyes: bright blue
Hair: wavy red hair
Skin: light
Region: Mountains
Element: fire
Symbol: Firedrop
Colours: blue, gold
Favourite weapon: crossbow, shortsword, buckler
Animal Type: canine
Animal Guide Species: wolf
Animal Guide's Name: Shy'a
Animal Guide's Gender: female
Animal Guide's Appearance:
Musical Instrument: flute
Time Ability: Promoniter


Kala was an only child who lived with her parents in a village outside of the Shared Plain. Her mother got pregnant with a boy when Kala was a few years old, but he died in childbirth, and her mother barely lived through it herself. The midwife was able to save her, but the trial left her barren. It had always been Kala's dream to train to be a warrior at Dom Wafkon, but her parents were torn as to whether they would allow it. Her father had wanted to have a son to become a warrior, and didn't want his only daughter to go. Her mother advocated for her, and finally he agreed to give his blessing for her to go.

Kala set off on her journey to Dom Wafkon through the Mountains.

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