What if Time Repeated?

What if Time repeated?
Would we all start over?
Would we all stay the same?
Would we able to make new choices?
To relive our lives?
Or would we be stuck with the same decisions?

Maybe our parents would all start over
And we would not have a chance to.

Would we even have memories
Of what happened before?
Without them, how would we know to change?
Maybe we would be stuck repeating
And repeating and repeating
With never the chance to make a new choice.
Would the dinosaurs not become extinct,
And we would never be?

What if Time repeated,
But there would be no Einstein?
No Shakespeare?
No Gandhi?
No Picasso?
No da Vinci?

What if, when we got back to Today,
Today was not Today?
Everything would be different.
Maybe we wouldn't have evolved.

If Time repeated.

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