The Dying Sage
The Sage and His Disciples

Then wish on the Moon,
That shining globe,
That holds our wishes dear.

And nurtures our deepest hopes.

And say to it, 'Oh, Moon! I wish
A small wish for my friend,
He that is to die today,
And ne'er be seen again!
Oh Moon! I wish,
For him, not I,
That he should help us
And see, and know,
And understand
From the depths
Of our very soul.'

And before the Moon recedes from sight,
Make one last wish for me.

We'll do that, surely, before it goes,
And what might that wish be?

I wish that I could bear the pains
Of many other men.
This may not be my finest hour,
Yet I would do it again.

To save more-

And harm less-

Like you say we should.

Aye, that you should!
A valued trait
That may help you be wise.
For wisdom be yet attainable
To those with Seeing Eyes.

The Seeing Eyes!
The Legend saith,
For those possessing these,
Are truly wise, for they
And hear and understand.
The Hearing Ear!
The Knowing Soul!
The Understanding Mind!
All are part of one who
Knows what it is to be wise.

That is true!
You have time yet,
Yet would not dawdle, were I you.
You have much to learn,
But I go soon,
And leave you on your own.

Oh what wisdom,
Oh what advice,
Have you to give to us?

Read, and learn, and do discuss
And contemplate the past.
Learn regard for the future,
So make you not
Mistakes that will last.
Leave you I must!
Soon I must go,
But don't remember me
As who I am-
Just remember my ideal.

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