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Jedi Archivist Kethrim


Why did you create the Jedi Training Archive?

I decided to create this archive because I feel that although there is a lot of information available about Jedi, much of it is confusing or it is tinted by various "factions" or different orders all saying "join our order and we'll train you!"

This archive is not like that, nor is it designed to be difficult to navigate. I am not currently affiliated with any Jedi Order save the general univeral one that all Jedi belong to by virtue of being Jedi. My allegiance is to the Force and to my own beliefs.

This archive was created to present information about Jedi training, for Jedi and by Jedi. It is open to all; there are no hidden teachings, nor do you have to advance in "ranks" to gain access to any teachings. That said, use the information contained on this Jedi Archive at your own risk.

One last thing: Some people practice "Jediism" as a religion, some see being a Jedi as a lifestyle, but not a religion, and some see it as an interesting way to pass the time. While this website could certainly be used by anybody who is interested in the Jedi, it is most for people who look at being a Jedi as a lifestyle and way of life.


What is in this archive?

This training information in the Jedi Training Archive is presented in eleven sections. They are:

  • The Archivist's Thoughts: This section contains articles written by Jedi Archivist Kethrim, on a variety of topics.
  • Ahweh's Lessons: This section contains lessons written by Jedi Healer Ahweh.
  • Jul-Qui's Lessons: This section contains lessons written by Jedi Jul-Qui.
  • The Force: This section contains information on the Force and Force theory, as well as some ways to use the Force.
  • Force Skills: This section contains information on Force skills you can learn to use, in the three categories of Control/Sense/Alter.
  • The Dark Side: This section contains information about the Dark Side of the Force and the Sith. Note: this is a Light Jedi archive, not a Sith one. The information presented in this archive is for the training of Light Jedi, not Sith. The information in this section is included so you know something about whom you're dealing with when you encounter a Sith.
  • Shadow/Unified Force: This section contains information about Shadow Jedi and Unified Force Jedi. Note: this is a Light Jedi archive, not a Shadow/Unified Force one. The information presented in this archive is for the training of Light Jedi, not Shadow/Unified Force Jedi. The information in this section is included so you know something about whom you're dealing with when you encounter a Shadow/Unified Force Jedi.
  • Lightsaber Fighting: This section contains information on lightsaber-related topics. It does not contain any information on lightsaber construction, but there are several links on the links page about how to build a lightsaber.
  • Meditation: This section contains information on how to meditate in the Jedi fashion, as well as several meditation exercises.
  • Jedi: This section contains information on the life of a Jedi, as well as the various Jedi levels, and information for students and teachers alike.
  • Exercises: This section contains information on different mental and physical (but not lightsaber fighting, as that has its own section) exercises for a Jedi to use for training.

Looking for something specific? Try the Search or the Page Index.

The information in each section is presented in a relatively progressive order, so you can proceed at your own pace. Be careful, however, not to read the sections too quickly, as they require time to fully understand.



Where did you get all this information?

I got some of this information from The Jedi Way, a website which is no longer online. I edited and augmented the information for inclusion on this site.

The rest of the information I got either from other sites, and those sections are credited as such, or from other individuals, also credited, or are my own writings. No distinction will be made between the information I got from the above site and edited, and the information I wrote myself.


Can I add information to the archive?

Sure! If I feel it would be a good addition, I will certainly add it, and give you the proper credit. I may edit your submission slightly. Email me what you have and I'll consider it. If I put it on the site and you feel it would be better in a different spot, just send me a note telling where you think it should go and why, and if you convince me, I'll move it.


Can I add a link to the links page?

Sure! Send me an email about it.


I have a question about the archive/training as a Jedi. What should I do?

Go ahead and ask me! Feel free to email me about anything, as long as you're nice.

I may even add your question and my answer to this FAQ page if I feel that others may benefit from it.


I'm looking for a master to train me. Will you be my master?

Although I will be glad to talk with you and answer questions (see my contact info here, I am not taking on any apprentices at this time. I suggest looking at the links page to find some forums where you can find more Jedi/Sith and training information. Once you find a forum you like, it is proper to jump in and ask questions, share opinions, and participate before asking for a master. Since you already have several posts under your belt, people will have seen that you are serious about learning the Jedi way, and you are more likely to find a master whom you can work well with. No one likes seeing someone on a forum whose first post is "I'm looking for a master to train me."


I found a broken link. What should I do about it?

The Archive is still a work in progress- there's a lot of information out there! I edit and revise everything before coding it and posting it on the site, so it takes a while. Some pages are just that- information that I have but that's not up yet. Some links might really be broken though. Want to let me know about a broken link? Email me.


I read the information on your site and it made me turn to the dark side. Now I'm evil, and it's all your fault.

Well, I did warn you not to go too quickly, and that all information is used at your own risk. I'm sorry you're evil. Would you like some cookies? Or maybe a wookie? Would a lightsaber battle make you feel better?

Perhaps you should meditate on why you turned to the dark side, and why you find it necessary to tell me.


Come on. Don't you know that Star Wars is just a story? The Force isn't real and you can't be a Jedi.

I find your lack of faith disturbing. This is not the site you're looking for. Move along. Look, if you don't like this site, it's a free internet, you don't have to be here. Please don't flame me either.


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