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The Jedi Side

I am Jedi Archivist Kethrim. I have been training as a Jedi for over ten years, though my training has varied in intensity. I have trained under a master, Ahweh, as well as many Jedi friends with whom I train. We all learn from each other. Although a Master-Padawan relationship has developed between me and some of my Jedi friends, who look to me as a Master, it is not a formal arrangement. In my own estimation, I am still a Padawan, and wore the braid for ten years to show this.

Currently, I belong to no order. I dislike the politics that I see happening in the orders I have observed.

I sewed for myself a Jedi robe, tunic, pants, and belt. I also have boots to go with the outfit. I constructed a prop lightsaber hilt (with a broomstick blade) that has a hook to clip the hilt onto a belt. My lightsaber blade is purple.

Some of my beliefs:

The Force is an energy field that is created by all life. It simultaneously creates life and is created by life. The one could not exist without the other. Like the origin of the universe itself, it is only speculated about how it formed.

It has been speculated that "midichlorian" is simply another name for mitochondria, which are the "power plants" or eukaryotic cells. Mitochondria have their own DNA which is seperate from the DNA in the nucleus of the cell. The origin of mitochondria is speculated to be prokaryotic cells that "joined up" with eukaryotic cells. Well, prokaryotes are weird to begin with, so it could make sense that mitochondria have some sort of connection with each other, due to the fact that they produce energy, forming a sort of energy field, or aura, around the organism they reside in. These energy fields come together to form the huge energy field that is the Force. Once, I was talking with some of my friends about the whole idea of auras and their colors, and several asked, "What color is my aura?" We guessed, and mostly were right the first time. This may have had more to do with what color the person was thinking than the actual color of their aura, but it is still related to the idea of midichlorians.

I feel that Jedi is more of a philosophy and lifestyle than a religion; however I must ask myself what elements I consider necessary to a true religion. Let me try to list some:

  • A higher power, be it God/gods, nature, etc.
    • Jedi has the Force. This qualifies.
  • Faith without necessarily any proof. There may be some proof, but the point of faith is that it is not completely proven. There may be doubt, and one may stray, but one must have faith in one's religion.
    • If one believes in the Force, one must believe without absolute proof, although there have been many experiments and experiences.
  • Those who consider themselves a part of a religion should practice it.
    • I don't believe one can call oneself a Jedi without some form of practice.
  • Belief in the doctrine of the religion. Belief is necessary, otherwise one is only pretending. This goes along with faith. It is absolutely crucial to have faith in and believe in one's religion.
    • A Jedi must have belief if they wish to call themself a Jedi.

Because Jedi follows each of these elements, I do consider it a genuine religion.

I would also like to say that while I believe that Jedi can be a valid religion, it is not necessary to call Jedi your religion if you believe in the Force. I am Jewish. I believe in the Force and call myself a Jedi, but not in a religious sense. My religion is Judaism. My lifestyle is a mixture of Judaism and Jedi, as is my philosophy. Judaism and Jedi do have many sililarites, so it is not difficult for the two to overlap and interweave without going against the doctrine of either.

One of the great things about SW is its potential to be appreciated at any level. People can like it as a series of movies, with or without the books, collectibles, etc. It can be as simple as that, or one can choose to apply the Jedi code to one's own life, from a part of a lifestyle to a full religion.

In the Real World

What does it look like to be a Jedi in the real world, a real world comprised of people who see Star Wars merely as a series of films? Let me dispel some rumors.

Do I go around every day dressed as a Jedi, in tunic and robe, with a lightsaber hilt on my belt? No. I have a real job that requires me to dress a certain way, and hobbies where Jedi garb would not be appropriate wear. In my life, the traditional Jedi outfit seen in the films is not practical.

Do I try to use the Force in my daily life, to push or pull objects? No. I don't have the power of telekinesis, nor am I anywhere close to having that power, if indeed humans are even capable of it.

Do I really and truly believe that the Force is real? Yes, I do. I believe in God, and I believe in the Force. I believe that the Force is another way to perceive God, and that by connecting with the Force one can become closer with God, though tapping into the Force is not a way to become God.

So what does being a Jedi in the real world look like? Great question. I have written a new page to address this: Being a Jedi in the Real World

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