The Violist da Gamba

What does this song mean to you?
I can see the emotions fly across your face.
You look upset, tortured,
Close to tears as the song goes on.
Yet you play on.
Your bow does not stop.
You do not pause.

Closing my eyes, I feel what you do,
The beat in your fingertips as they press on the strings,
The rosin rubbing off on your hand as your bow strokes the strings.

I watched you sitting as she recited her poetry,
Enraptured with the words.
That small smile on your face,
Pleased with the sounds.

You cradled your instrument lovingly,
Focused all your feeling through your hands
To come out in the music.

And from the awed silence of the audience as you played,
And their applause afterward,
I could tell they were touched.

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