Question and Answer

If I was not here yesterday, why worry if I'll be here tomorrow?
Life moves in an imperfect circle, always going back, always going on, always redoing and rearranging. Nothing is new; everything has happened before, in some form or other, back in time, and will happen yet again in the future. There is nothing to stop Life; it always goes on. Destruction does not stop Life, only alters it from its course. There is no point in trying to stop Life, as it will not stop.

What nothings are you talking about?
The cosmos moves in the endless imperfect circle of Life, doing everything it has done before. Life circles, Time goes on. Time does not repeat, only Life. Every person that is here is a new person; they are only replaying the role of one who has come before. Time can be stopped; Life cannot.

Don't I occaisionally say an oily silence?
Silence is spoken loudest of all. People do not often notice when one speaks, they almost never notice when one yells, and slightly more often notice when one whispers. But everyone notices when there is Silence. Silence is the most powerful sound. It can be welcome, or it can be oppressive. It can push in on you like a tidal wave, drowning you in lack of sound. It's like when you're listening to a recording and they are whispering, so you turn the volume way up so you can hear, then suddenly they scream. That is the advent of Silence.

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