tHe thiNg uNexpEcteD

eVeryonE expEcts yoU
tO Be oNe tHing
dO onE thIng
saY anOTher.

tHey SaY thAt iT's whAt'S nOrMal
thAt it'S wHat EveRyoNe
dOes anD SayS
bUT Of couRsE It's Not.

fOr yoU'Re pArt oF EyerYonE
eVen iF yOu dOn'T
aCT liKe Them
yOu'rE EVeryonE tOO

wHaT TheY sAy iSn't You
iT'S noT AnYonE
anD it'S Not yOU
iT's nO oNe.

iT maY Be NorMaL
buT wHat iS nOrMAl
yOu'RE nOT noRmAl
nOrMaL dOEsn'T eXist.

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