The Key to Life

The key to life: to know what we know,
To know what we do, and to know what we show.
To show what we know, but said full of tact,
To share just a bit, to learn a new fact.
All that we do, we know must be done,
For if we do not, we shall then have none.
All that is done, we know has a reason,
We know for everything, there is a season.
The key to life: to be always true,
To be oneself, and to search for a clue.
The beauty of life is apparant everywhere,
Ours to know, and ours to share.
Bother no fauna or plant,
Be quiet outside, do not rant.
Undisturbed leave every place,
Observe the fern's feathery lace.
The key to life: to know and see,
But most of all, just to be.

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