the dead men's game

we go around, it's all the same,
ever playing the dead men's game.
what you revere, what you curse,
will you teach me, for better or worse?

we are all one,
differences none.

we all know but no one cares,
drag the kill back to our lairs.
time goes 'round without a trace,
it really isn't, but we think it's a race.

no one ahead,
we'll all be dead.

some think they care but they don't know.
it's all false, a pretty show.
we turn around, but don't look back,
dragged along with the lone wolf pack.

life's a curse,
death maybe worse.

all find themselves alike,
ever perched on the sharpened spike.
we're all trapped inside our mind,
yet we still hurt our own kind.

dead men's game,
we're all the same.

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