Words wash over me like ocean waves.
The teacher talks, spilling knowledge.
I ignore her, try to sleep,
Imagine sheep leaping over a hedge.

Exams in two days, Saturday in four,
And then a three-day weekend.
Studying, preparing, cram for the tests,
Suddenly I feel my mind rend.

Friends also dozing, sitting far away,
Not listening to the teacher.
Boys yelling loud, all out of turn,
But still they seem to ignore her.

I sit in my seat with my own thoughts,
And know I should have learned this.
But I can't concentrate, mind half-asleep,
All words have become a hiss.

We sit in our seats, wait for the bell,
Waiting to get out of this zoo.
And still we wait, ten minutes more;
This is what they call review.

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