Meteor Storm

We lay in the cold,
four friends in the darkness,
under a blanket,
watching the sky.

Watching the stars,
pointing out constellations,
Orion, Cassiopeia,
the Big Dipper.

One tells a joke,
makes the others laugh,
a funny story,
singing songs together.

Then comes a flash of light
streaking across the sky,
followed by a noise from us,
a collective breath.

Another meteor,
then another,
faster and faster,
over our heads.

Zooming through the sky,
many shooting stars,
making wishes,
a wish for every star.

Then a bright trail of light,
lasting longer,
longer and larger
than any before.

Then a brighter one,
the light a bit green,
the brightest one,
most brilliant in the night.

Finally we go inside,
two hours we had stayed,
toes and noses frozen,
still marveling over the sight.

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