Two kids in two cars,
parents driving,
no control.
Brief glance,
no second chance,
passing each other by.

One of them waves,
and the other winks,
it makes a small greeting.
Come now to a red light,
two cars together side by side,
can't even talk to each other.

Try to open windows,
parents yell at them,
"air conditioning's on."
Look at each other,
eyes full of sympathy,
for each other and themselves.

Too long they've been riders,
too long they've been kids,
too long with no control.
But soon they'll grow up,
get their own licence for life,
then they'll take the wheel.

The kids grow up,
"too soon" the parents say,
oh, what they've forgotten.
How they used to yell at them,
"don't act like such a child,
when will you grow up."

Now the kids drive the parents,
now the kids take to wheel,
parents buckle up in the back seat.
Now the parents are the kids,
"can't I open the window,
it's too cold in here."

The kids that once passed by,
have now grown up,
turned the tables once again.
Now the parents sigh,
"oh how I wish things never changed,
I miss my little kid."

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