Arts Collage

Colors interweave. The light shines through and sees. Cobblestones ring with music. The acid wash creates the best base for dancing. When the girl smiles, the sun shines brighter. Spinning leads to noise and causes a band-aid. When the gun goes both ways, the dog runs away. Toes are long when the child listens to the mother. The castle lives on the swamp, but the piano is only code and fringes are only meaningless unless they have a knee like a geranium and shiny buckles. Whirling of black mimics the sound of propellors on a train. When shorts are tall, brown blends into a peacock, strangely shaping a cake into a piano. The music interrupts the window to swoop sideways and explode into blackness. Where the bird intercepts a snake who flies through the stage to land on the baker's head, everyone sings. Tapping is incessant to a string which is plucked for all the world to hear and rejoice in the color of gold. The light of life never ceases, only comes to an endless wave. The table is not to be left, only forsaken by those who have no business there. Those that know their place fill it with joy, and destruction never occurs, only change. The dancing feet on a floor create a music that only love can hear.

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