The Lab-Rat Theory
Conceived by Stephanie Sigalas
Written by Bethany Kanfer

We are all, always, being observed by the higher intelligences. They not only observe us, however, they also control us. The children in the schools are controlled by substances in the cafeteria food. Clearly, not all the "students," as they are called, eat the cafeteria food. These are either the control group, or their food, being prepared by their parents, who are in on the plan, have the substances in their food. Obviously the "students" are controlled, or they would not run around in circles. If the "students" discovered the secret of getting out of the system, chaos would ensue. The secret being, of course, that nothing is forced. Everyone is, in truth, controlled by themselves. The only thing that everyone of this day and age must do is die. Eating, sleeping, nothing is forced but dying, or, being alive, aging. The higher intelligences have placed us, as children, into the experiment as the lab rats. They keep us from escaping the system and finding out the secret by keeping us in fear. The fear of consequences is too great to allow the rats to escape the system even if they figure out the secret. The secret, even becoming known by a great number, still, the fear of consequences is too great for action.

The conclusion: the teachers are aliens of higher intelligence sent from their planet to study us and eventually control our planet, keeping us in line by cafeteria food and fear.

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