Solo Savior

'Well, you're exactly as I imagined you,' she said as they stopped running for want of breath, as soon as they had gotten far enough away for conversation.

'What?' he asked in shock. He was used to being different, not like everyone else, for that matter, not like anyone else. To hear his appearance was expected' well, that just wasn't right, in his mind.

'I said, you're just as I thought you would be.'

He let the slight go for a moment, as there were more pressing matters on hand. 'We need,' he said quickly, clearly, 'a plan.'

'I hereby name you, Genius of the Month.'

'Thanks,' he said sarcastically. 'Come on! We have to get out of here!'

'Well, which way then? You've been here before; lead the way.'

'You've been here before too.'

'If you'll kindly recall, I was bound, gagged, blindfolded, and being carried by a disgustingly smelly guard. I was in no position to take note of how I got here.'

'If you'll recall,' he mimicked, 'I was too busy saving your skin to notice how I got here. I only know that I did.'

'Well you still might have a better idea, and they'll be onto us any minute. Choose a direction. I won't argue, so just let's go.'

'You won't argue. Tell me another joke, sister,' he muttered under his breath. Since he had met her not ten minutes ago there was nothing he had said that she hadn't had a remark for. Lucky for him, he was quite skilled at the fast, witty retort.

'What was that?'

'I said, let's just go left.'

'I don't think that's the right way.'

'How would you know? You came in here slung over a guard's back like a bag of dirty laundry.'

'Don't remind me.'

'Hey, you brought it up first.' He proceeded to turn left.

'Wrong way!'

'First of all, you wouldn't know, which you said in the first place, and second of all, you told me to choose which way to go!'

'Well I meant choose the right way!' she said irritably, irrationally.

'I'm pretty sure this is the right way. I think I remember that scratch on the wall there.'

'All the walls have scratches. Apparently you're not the greatest observer.'

'No, I remember that scratch because it looks like my Aunt Tooti. Anyway, just come on! We've already waited too long.'

She sighed and followed him down the hallway, where they soon met up with a huge force of enemy troops, which he beat up single-handedly, even though they had plenty of firearms, with the girl he had rescued cowering by his side. Grinning broadly, he escorted her through the fallen army to safety.


'No, no, that's not what happened at all!'

The man telling the story grinned at his interrupter, who was looking at him with no small irritation. 'Tell it right,' his daughter begged.

'All right,' the man laughed. 'So, after they had turned left, the woman said, 'Are you sure we're going the right way?'

'No. Are you sure we're not?'

'I guess not,' she replied grudgingly.

To be continued

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