Six Minutes

We ran on a different time, we Oxbridge people. For us, it was always six minutes ahead of RT, Real Time. We called our time Oxbridge Time, OT, so we could tell the times apart. OT was six minutes ahead of the clock I brought from home, the clock in the airport at Boston that I set my watch to so I wouldn't miss my plane, the time they announced on the plane when we arrived at Charles de Gaulle, the clock in the airport, any clock in the entire city of Paris. Six minutes ahead. And six minutes could make a big difference, too. Sixminutes could make you late for class, or too late for dinner. Six minutes could turn into one hour when you were late for check-in and and they gave you a study hall the next day. Six minutes could make you look like a madwoman when you were sprinting from Notre-Dame des Champs through the streets of Paris trying to get back to school in time. Six minutes is what you had to remember. Six minutes was what made you an Oxbridge student.

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