School on an Other Planet?

the virgin edition

written in approximately second grade

all misspellings and grammar mistakes left intact.

note: the language spoken by the people on Planet B has no relation to Makalul. It is simply my first attempt at creating a language.

School on an Other Planet?

main char. (Me) Pete
minor char. (teacher) Mrs. Goobhopper (friend) Jesh (bully) Alex Dad (Phil) (friend) Doug
Setting Jupiter then School on Planet B
Goal how to survive without being made into space bacon.

Chapter 1

Dad had just told me the news. 'Pete, we're moving to Planet B,' he had said.
'Aw, Dad, I don't wanna move to Planet B! We just got here from Planet Z! Anyway, I like it on Jupiter! Besides, you said that would be our last move!' I had told him.
'Pete, we're moving, and that's that!'
Now I said, 'Do we have to?'
'Yes, Pete! It's not my decision, anyway. My boss told me, 'Phil, I'm sending you to Planet B to monitor their food processing,' those were his exact words.'
'Couldn't I stay with Doug?'
'No, Pete. I'll need you there for company.'
'Do we have to?'
'Yes. Now let's get packing.'
'But....' I started to say.
When it got to things like that, Dad always won. Ever since my mom died of some strange Planet X disease, Dad and I were always moving around to different planets. I hated moving. In the last year, we had moved from Earth to Mars to Planet X to Planet Z to Jupiter. Now we had to move to Planet B. We might as well just go through the alphabet. You know, Planet A, Planet B, Planet C, Planet D, Planet E, but we didn't. And I'm glad.

Chapter 2
Planet B

While we were on the Space Bus, I had to listen to tapes on their language. Isn't it enough that I'm learning French and Spanish? Do I have to learn their language too? Guess so if I'm going to talk to them. Well, dad bought me a button-down white shirt, and a grey flannel vest and pants, shiny black shoes, and twelve pairs of grey socks, plus a grey bow tie.
When we got to Planet B, Dad had us walk to out new house. It was a very strange house. It had three levels and was round, like a triple-decker birthday cake. We went inside, and toured the house. Dad said the top room would be my bedroom + bathroom, the middle one would be his bedroom, his bathroom, and the kitchen, and the lowest one would be the living room and the dining room.
Then we brought all our things in. We had arrived at 2:00 pm., and it took us five hours to put all our things in the right places. When we were done, we had supper, took showers and went to bed, exsausted.

Chapter 3

Bright and early the next morning at 7:00 am., Dad woke me up. 'Rise and shine! Time to go to school!' Dad was defently a morning person.
'Let's have some breakfast. I found out what you needed for school, and I put it all in your new green knapsack.'
'Backpack, Dad, backpack,' I mumbled. I was still groggy. Who wouldn't be (besides my dad)?
I got dressed and went downstairs to the kitchen. Dad made me oatmeal. 'Yuck,' I said, but ate it anyway.
Dad drove me to school and we met my teacher, Mrs. Goobhopper.
'Caobag! Blepe colp et Fre. Goobhopper! Ge felec otb cleop emn!' Which meant, 'Hello! My name is Mrs. Goobhopper. So nice to meet you!'
'Caobag,' I answered her.

'Goblep peplopep wepned gepe emn dopmn. Cle colp et Jesh.'
Which meant 'This student will show you around. His name is Jesh.'
'Fleek emn.' - 'Thank you.'
'Caobag!' said Jesh. 'Caobag,' I replied.

Chapter 4

Jesh stayed with me all day. What I thought was funny were the classes we took. Jesh told me that the classes were the same every day. School was from 7:45 ' 4:00. Our scedule was: 7:45 ' 8:00: homeroom, 8:00 ' 9:00: gym, 9:00 ' 10:00: book reading (library), 10:00 ' 11:00: art, 11:00 ' 12:00: music, 12:00 ' 12:45: lunch, 12:45 ' 1:00: recess, 1:00 ' 1:30: English, (I was the best student) 1:30 ' 2:00: Planet B history, 2:00 ' 2:30: Math, 2:30 ' 3:00: science, and 3:00 ' 4:00: study hall.
My class on Jupiter was ahead of my new class, so everyone thought I was a genious. I was glad to have made a good first impression on everyone. Or did I?

Chapter 5
Alex the Bully

There was this one boy that didn't seem to like me very much. When Jesh saw him looking at me, he told me the kid's name was Alex, and that he was the strongest and smartest kid before I came.
'You might have a bit of trouble with him,' Jesh warned me. 'Better stay away from him.'
I did my best, but during English class, our teacher assigned study partners, and he assigned Alex to work with me. Well, Alex got pretty ticked off at me because I answered every question right, and he got 1 wrong. So he said to me, 'Want to play basketball after school with some of the guys?'
'Sure, be glad to get to know some of you guys better.'
'Deal, then.'

Chapter 6
After School

When school was let out, I went with Alex to a vacant lot. There were a lot of the guys from school.
'I'll make you a deal, shrimp,' said Alex. 'We play one-on-one- you against me. You win, and I don't bug you anymore. I win, and you get turned into... heh, heh, heh... SPACE BACON!' he yelled.
He must have yelled so loudly that Dad heard it, because a little while later, he came riding up on a space bike.
'Pete, you promised me you would meet me right after school to try on some new sneakers!' he yelled. 'You aren't playing basketball in those!'
I thought, 'Huh?' 'Sorry, Alex, gotta go!' I told him. 'Thanks, Dad. But how did you know I was about to be turned into space bacon?'
'Well, that kid Alex sure has a BIG (Note: BIG was triple-underlined.) mouth, he chuckled. 'Sorta hard not to hear him.'
'Wow, Dad, you're great!'
'I know. Now let's go see about those sneakers.'
And that was the end of becoming space bacon.

(Note: After showing this story to my mom, she requested that I continue. I crossed out that last sentence and began another Chapter, which was never finished, because I lost interest and also because my favourite green felt-tip pen, which this story was written in, ran out of ink.)

Chapter 7
the Sneakers

When we got to the shoe store, what I saw was unbelivible! Sneakers of all sizes, shapes, and colors! I got my size, picked out a pair I liked, but that weren't as flashy as Alex's, since he probably still wouldn't leave me alone. Dad payed the the clerk 11 kabodie (kah-bo-dee) bars, Planet B's type of money.

(Note: This is where I stopped writing. At this point, I have no plans to finish this story.)

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