The only things that matter are the things that most people don't realize do. People run through life like squirrels run across the road- without looking and stopping at the wrong time. The difference is that squirrels know that it's the wrong place and time to stop, afterwards. People so rarely realize it. They're perfectly content with blaming everything on anyone else, just so the fault won't lie on them. Just so they won't have to admit that they were wrong. Because people hate to admit that they're wrong. It's a fate worse than death. We are trained by a society that teaches us that we always have to be right, or if we aren't, to never acknowledge that we're not. A society where everyone thinks that they're right breeds an enormous amount of conflict. People would be so much more peaceful and happier if they could admit that they're wrong once in a while. And admit it without the undertone of "I'm saying I'm wrong just to make you stop talking. I'm really right and you're the one who's wrong." Not until this can happen on a grand scale will the world's situation start to look up. Everything starts at ground level- with individuals- and moves upwards from there, into society, and from there, outwards, to affect the whole world. So the basic idea is that for the world to be a nice place to live in, all individuals have to be nice- which is nothing we haven't already figured out- but so few people are willing to put it into practice that if more people can't accept that they're wrong once in a while, the essence of worldwide situations will never change. Maybe someday everyone will finally agree to do themselves a favor and start to be nice.

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