Lisa's 12

Lisa's 12 and thinks she's oh-so-cool. Pale skin, red hair below her shoulders, sunglasses still on. She's got an 8-year-old sister, blonder than she is, but they have the same face. They get along most of the time but you never know when their teasing will go too far. She's cool but not too cool to enjoy going out to dinner on a Saturday night with her dad. They order an appetizer, nachos with a bunch of different dips, and all three dig in. She's got a root beer and she's drinking from the bottle, the color of the IBC glass matches the sunglasses she's still wearing. Inch and a half silver hoops in her ears, which her mom just let her get pierced for her birthday a few months ago. Her sister wants to get her ears pierced too, but their mom says she has to wait. Lisa's got a necklace, silver metallic beads, choker-length on a piece of hemp. She thinks it makes her look cool, like the jeans with the pre-worn creases. Her little sister's wearing jeans too, and a t-shirt that's a similar style to Lisa's. She idolizes her big sister even when she's getting teased by her. Both girls are wearing flip-flops, the little one's are sky blue and thick, they've got a rainbow where her toes go. Lisa's flip-flops are black and plain and simple and she loves them cause she's not allowed to wear them at school. The girls laugh with their father as they eat their entrees. They love these weekends with him, even though Lisa still hasn't really forgiven her parents for getting divorced and her little sister is too young to remember when their parents were happy together. The girls share a dessert, vanilla ice cream on top of a huge brownie, and leave half of it unfinished. Their dad declines dessert but does take a bite of their ice cream. He's trying to watch his weight. Lisa takes her sister to the bathroom again before they leave, for the third time that night. Their dad pulls out his credit card and pays the bill, and when his girls return, he takes both of them by the hand and they head out to their car in the parking lot.

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