How to Not Get Caught by the Teacher
dedicated to Mrs. Meier

Example: Your teacher says that you and your three friends talk too much. You know that you really don't. She says that every time she moves you, you just end up sitting together again. Well, this is true. You're friends, what does she expect? Anyway, so you get to class early, and hey! You're all sitting together again. Big surprise. You're all sitting quietly, waiting for the teacher. When she comes in, the following things should happen:

  1. You fervently hope that when the teacher comes in, other people distract her so she doesn't notice that you're not sitting where she told you to.
  2. You assume The Pose:
    1. Sit quietly in your seat.
    2. Fold your hands on your desk.
    3. Look at your hands, head bent.
    4. Avoid locking eyes with the teacher.
    5. DO NOT TALK.
    6. Try not to look guilty.

Thusly, if you are lucky, the teacher may not notice that all four of you are sitting together again.

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