three pages of junk

Jacket Man
gold zebra
grey and grey
bright lines
rectangular plastic
finger medallion
friendly pulls
back stripe

Elastic Man
barely gold
time looking
get lost
just watch
open ribbon
buttercup overalls

Horn Boy
gentle weaving
collective dream
perfect narrative
short highlighters
apple library
mythological images
laced socks

High Woman
pinkish matches
gold light
oldish beads
reading shades
dark silver
newspaper shoes
ivory green

Unpleasant Man
invisibility collapses
popsicle summer
clear bracelets
painted pendant
blue ears
wrist buttons

Symbol Boy
positive linoleum
simple fear
wall sardines
watch dress
soft sleeves
black open
satchel clips

jacket handles
front tied
design pockets
webbed pants
shaved sleeve
hair glasses
untucked stachel
front shoes
rim tiles
play pictures
childhood bench


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