Starry-Eyed Girl 1: Fall

How was it
When I couldn't see you through the stars in my eyes
And each word you spoke
Was a pebble dropping through honey
I was floating
On the strength of your arms
And your calloused hands held me
Away from the truth of you

When you shot down those stars
They fell slowly
And it took a long time
To wash the honey off those rough pebbles
You set me down on a cloud
And I didn't notice at first
That I was softly drifting downwards
Slipping past your calloused fingers
That were already reaching out for someone else
The cloud was in my eyes
So I couldn't see you yet
And when I hit the ground
Sitting on a mound of rough pebbles
That were never smoothed by your calloused hands
I could finally see you
And without stars in my eyes
I didn't like what I saw

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