She Dreams

She's out of place in any time
Out of time in any era
She belongs to nothing but herself
And finds little rest in her own bed

But she dreams, oh, she dreams

These dreams are not of herself
She doesn't know where they come from
She dreams out of her mind

But she dreams, oh!

She never dreams of herself
Always a different character
She doesn't know who she is

In her dreams, her dreams

Or maybe she is herself
She doesn't recognize herself in her dreams
Always thinks she's someone else
Telling stories that could be her own

In her dreams, oh, she dreams

She tries to stay up late
Get so tired that she won't dream
And then she crashes into bed, so tired

But she dreams, oh, she dreams

She wakes, her mind blank
Yet the dreams come flooding back
A dark sea in which she struggles not to drown

When she dreams, oh, she dreams

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