In the sense that it was, for I was not, and only becoming. And I don't like writing in red even though the thought is on the red floor. The fighting that was not, for we were agreed, all, but then she changed and we did not. When two years actually span three, then purple is what I'm good for. Things that began so, and continued so, but when were finished, were not. After growing up some, but not over, just along. The singing happened in the spring, but had been prepared for all life, then only happened once. When camels are created into something from nothing, then they only exist until water is thrown on flames. A Happy Dance consists of 500, but does that make it 250? And what happens to the others? For ending doesn't mean stopping, unless the camels drink the pudding. If things tell people that people are things, then what's the point of a dog? How many cats? And how many people remembered the answer? Is night the same as dark, and if so, then why do dogs bark at a submarine? Or was it just the one? For there was only one, although it happened twice. Twice, and again and again, until it stopped, but it only stopped when the scissors cut it. If the dog and the camels are neighbors, then why don't they know where they live?

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