My unusual friend
for Ryan

All he is
makes him more
My unusual friend,
not a typical teenager.
With a swallow's swiftness

he comes into my life
and lights up the night
with his personality,
his mind.
My unusual friend,
the only torch needed

to illuminate my life.
The absence of
My unusual friend
from his usual place
saddens me.
His unexpected visit

brings me joy.
I cling to him,
My unusual friend,
coolness by association.
He does not realize
how great his worth,

My unusual friend,
he consists of more
than he knows.
He knows all
that I contain.
He knows my mind,

he knows my life.
With joyful sighs
he holds aloft
his set of strings.
My unusual friend
raises his hand

and brings it
clashing down.
The power chord he plays
through the universe.
My unusual friend

strums his guitar,
the flying procession
of colored tones
follow his pick.
My unusual friend
dreams his music

and enhances the world.
My unusual friend,
clothed in black,
hides in shadows,
but his mind shines through.
His cape swirls

in the wake of his melody.
He opens his mouth
and sings the song
which causes
the fog of mysteries.
My unusual friend

creates the enigma
which teases my mind.
He makes me think
and makes me laugh.
He brings joy to my life,
My unusual friend.

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