My Joy

Yes, it started and ended with pain
But there was joy between the pain
Such intense joy as I have never felt before
So intense that the pain following had to match it
Because it was so intense
That the loss equaled the gain
Such a beautiful and glorious gain
But after the pain dulled
A trickle of joy followed me
So that I have not lost it all
I have kept it, made it grow
This joy that helps me through all pain
But still I long for that joy
To be as intense as the first time
And I know I may find it again
But, somewhere in the back of my heart
Lurks the knowledge that it will be different
And I don't know if the change will be good or bad
But I swear I won't lose the joy
I'll keep it with me
In some form, forever
I swear I won't lose it
I won't let the pain stop my joy again
I will always feel my joy

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