My earthbound goddess
for Áine

She moves-
the grace of a doe,
My earthbound goddess.
Warm in her glance,
cold in her separation.
Her favor brings joy

as she prances
in her eternal dance
among the stars.
The pinpricks of light
have come down to her,
My earthbound goddess-

the muse who inspires
the barren lands to flower.
She leads in her love
a small red-brown calf
to bless the earth.
She moves, blade in hand,

towards the trusting calf
and slices the throat
of a sheaf of grass.
Laying the offering
in front of the calf,
My earthbound goddess

swirls in her doe-dance,
long legs kicking high.
As she leaps and dips,
My earthbound goddess
is finally lifted up
to dance among the stars,

My earthbound goddess,
clothed in green
treads the heavens,
doe-feet stepping lightly.
In celestial orbits
she commands the spheres

to send them spinning
along their paths.
My earthbound goddess
orders the world.
The weather adjusts
itself to her,

defined by her mood.
Rain comes from sorrow,
rainbows from deepest joy,
fog by her confusion.
Sunlight springs
from her eternal happiness,

spreading out
to complete the cosmos.
My earthbound goddess
plays among the animals.
When she is with them,
prey and hunter

together may frolic,
neither fearing the other.
In her presence,
they become kin,
existing in harmony.
My earthbound goddess

skips through the universe.
She dances among the stars,
fulfilling the ultimate purpose
that she has been created for.
She has created herself,
My earthbound goddess.

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