Happiness is Knowing Yourself

Go out into the wilderness- the wilds of your soul-
Go on a journey to find yourself.
Seek a long time- be it hours or years-
And when you return from your quest,
You will find that you've been there all along.
But do not lost faith in yourself-
For in the seeking of something-
Though it has been there all along-
You will have enriched yourself.
You will have been reborn-
Gone through flame and come out of ashes,
But better than the first time around.
For you will remember.
You will come to understand.
You will finally know what it is
that you've been seeking all your life,
Though you didn't know you were seeking.
Your search started the day you were born,
And your journey isn't over.
You still have a long way to go,
But be content in your knowledge.
For in knowing yourself,
You can be happy.

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