Comes the Desert

Sick at the thought of leaving you
tears run down my cheeks
drying on my chin
the physical evidence that remains
I don't see any sweetness
in this sorrowful parting
save for in your goodbye kiss
and in the hug that held me close
unwilling to let go
I don't want to leave you
and it'll be months before we see each other again
the tears roll anew at that thought
what I would give for just one more day with you
no amount of time is ever enough
forever with you would be too short

Trees give way to desert
cactus taking the place of pine
cinder cones and lava domes
every change reminds me
that I'm being taken farther away from you
I don't care about a day of travelling
so long as it brings me closer to you
but a day of travelling away
is an eternity until I can talk to you again
they can say I'm going home
but home is in your arms now
don't care what state I'm in
as long as you're there with me

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