An event, a feeling
A class in school
That leaves you almost asleep

The necessity of staying awake
Is everlastingly present
But so is the need for sleep.

Plants grow slowly out of the soil
Silently trying to lull me to sleep
I must resist.

I keep my hand, my pen busy,
In a feeble, futile attempt
To keep my mind awake.

Every minute my eyelids sag more,
My brain tries to stop working.
I find myself fixed on a single word.

I wonder how I can continue
But then I remember lunch comes next
Perhaps food will revive me.

Sounds assail my ears
Light attacks my eyes
I long to close them and sleep.

In sleep I do not have to think about school.
I want to think about my words
Maybe write something witty.

But all I can do today is endless dissertation.
It©s not funny, not witty.
Just mindlessly boring.

I ramble on and wonder why I continue.
I think I should stop.
Okay, I think.

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