I haven't got anything
written for this-
I've had other things
on my mind,
and the writing
that's come out of that
has been just for me.
If I can think
of anything else to write
in study hall Friday,
I won't turn this in.
But if I don't,
this is what you'll get
and I apologise
for its quality
or lack thereof
and I'm sorry
you have to read this
but I thought
maybe it's better
to put no effort
into doing something
and admitting it
than to put only
a little effort in
and pretend
to have really tried.
Maybe this
poem-like thing
does have
some merit, though
after all
it's an example
of just writing
a bunch of
somehow vaguely connected
of just getting
the job done
rather than
whining about it
or something.
So I guess
it's not all bad
and I'd rather
hand in
than nothing at all
even if that
isn't quite up
to my usual standard
if I wasn't
such a procrastinator
I'd have written this
but oh well
and you know what?
This is already 60 lines.

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