Back When We Were Friends

Hello, my friend.
How have you been
since our last encounter?

I've not been so well, but that's
something you may have suspected,
things being as they are.

Hello, my friend.
Can't you see I'm dying?
I can't go on living like this.

I can't stand to listen to him.
He used to be okay,
but now he makes me sick.

The things he says,
the way he says them,
combine to slowly kill me.

It never used to be this bad.
We even used to be friends.
I don't know when everything changed.

I don't know why he changed.
I don't think it was anything I did.
But it's been this way for so long now.

I can't wait to get away.
I'm waiting until he leaves,
or I leave, whichever comes first.

And when we're apart, I'll rejoice.
So happy I'll cry aloud,
for the first time in years.

When we're apart I'll be free,
breathe the air without choking,
sleep without fear of waking.

Life will be good again,
like it was before he turned.
Like back when we were friends.

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