The Ash-Fioravanti Conspiracy
Ryan Battista

Mr. Ash and Mr. Fioravanti are plotting to invade Cuba, overthrow Castro, and insert Mr. Ash as an imitation dictator.

Mr. Fioravanti- The military leader. Uses "Band Camp" to train shock troops in marching, survival tactics, and 8 ways to kill someone with a tuba. Considered to be insane and dangerous.

Mr. Ash- The mastermind. His "history" class utilizes brainwashing and subconscious training. Is under the delusion that he is "Tsar Ash", and bears an astonishing resemblence to Castro, who is believed to be his illegitimate father.

Although many attempts have failed, Fioravanti's recent cruise is believed to be a reconnaisance mission. With new tactical information, Project Breach And Seize Havana (BASH) will surely be a success. Upon entering Cuba, the brainwashed students' memories will trigger, causing them to become mindless agents of destruction.
If Ash becomes dictator, his first action will assuredly be the domination of America. With Fioravanti's Bandite Army behind him, the only chance is a preemptive strike.

If you have any information leading to the capture of these terrorists, don't wait. Otherwise, the free world will soon be under the hairy rule of Tsar Ash.

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