Poisoning Poseidon
Morgan Gelinas

Each night, it's a staring contest between myself and the formulas, a question of who will back down first, and it's never a satisfactory vattle- a struggle definately, but just not equal. I cannot compete; my mind refuses to comprehend the ridiculousness of the little letters and even littler numbers. They are a foreign language to me, and even that is not a consolation, for I do not struggle so in my French class, just this one.

My brain simply cannot absorb things in that class... I'm sure I have a chemical imbalance or something in there, and I could probably tell you what it is, simply because I'm so bad at balancing equations that it would come out unbalanced, and there you would have it.

This class is an ocean of idiocy for me... I am slowly drowning in my own each day. Every once in a while, I am able to grasp a lifeline of intelligence with which to pull my self-esteem from amidst its watery grave. However, it soon snaps and then I am sucked under once again by the riptide of uncertainty, as Poseidon stirs his ocean of CHEMISTRY.

So I must come up with a way to kill the chemistry, to poison Poseidon. All I know as to how to go about it is to wear safety goggles. the one step of a chemical lab I can honestly understand. The rest of the process of conjuring the poison will be all guess and check, a skill I learned about it Pre-Calculus... but that's another whole ocean, another whole slow death for me.

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