The Saga of Dom Wafkon- Summary

A Very Choppy and Disjointed Summary

The Shorter Version:

  • Book One: The journeys of Anithy, Kala, Ishaka, and Jaydi as they travel to Dom Wafkon
  • Book Two: The training of Anithy, Kala, Ishaka, and Jaydi at Dom Wafkon
  • Book Three: Anithy, Kala, Ishaka, and Jaydi (now known as Kith, Marani, Syrae, and Ru'soq) fight the Evil

The Longer (and choppier and more disjointed) Version:

Dom Wafkon is surrounded by these 5 Regions: the Sea, the Swamp, the Forest, the Mountains, and the Desert. To get to DW you have to go through one of the land regions because no one can go through the Sea, and which region you go through helps determine your fighting style. So you train there for a bit and when the masters think you're ready, you're given your warrior name and you become a master of DW. So in my story, it starts off with this young girl (me) whose parents were killed by this guy Feren, and she wants to seek revenge but to do that she figures she has to go to train at DW. So she waits until she's about 7, (I©ve got this whole timeline thing going on) because years ago after her parents were murdered, her older (by several years) brother left for DW through the Mountains, and he said he'd come back for her but he never did. So she has to go now, but one day she's fighting on the streets and this old guy separates her and the boy she's fighting. He tells him to go away, and takes her inside and cleans her up. She tells him about her life and that she's going to go to DW, and he convinces her to stay with him for a bit so he can train her to get through the Swamp. Even though he's a Forest, she wants to go through the Swamp so she agrees to stay for two weeks, and after that she leaves. Well, the thing about the regions is that true warriors from each can understand a different kind of animal. It©s not a telepathic thing, just the animal's language. So Swamps can understand felines, Forests, rodents, Mountains, canines, and Deserts, avians and reptiles. So after the girl (Anithy) is in the Swamp for a bit, she meets up with this kitten who "was sent" to be with her. Eventually Anithy names the cat Pohmalul, which is Muhkahlul for "beacon."

When she finally gets to DW, she'll meet up with 3 girls, one from each of the other Regions. At first they'll be enemies, but later they'll become friends, because they'll have to band together to fight the Evil. I©m not quite sure what that will be yet. So before they get to DW, each of the girls passes through 3 major trials in their respective regions. I©m not sure how I will work this- either I will eventually write the other 3 books of the stories of the other 3 girls, or my friends that the characters are based on will, or we'll collaborate, but it'll all turn into some huge epic sort of thing. Anyway, that's the basic story. I was just on the phone brainstorming with my friend from the Mountains, and she and I came up with this cool idea.

Well first I have to tell you about Anithy's mother. She was a sorceress who fell in love with (he who was to become) Anithy's father, but according to the laws of the magic community, a magic person can't marry a non-magic person, and the mother didn't want to have kids with him without their being married because that would just cause all sorts of problems because the kids would have some magic in them, etc. So because she wants to marry this guy, she has to get rid of her magic. She takes her magic out of herself (don't know quite how) and puts an equal portion of it into each of four rings. One of them she saves for the daughter she will have, and the other three she sends out to a village outside each of the other 3 Regions for a girl that will be born during the same hour as Anithy. She can kind of see into the future a bit, that's how she knows it will all work out. So then Feren comes and kills Anithy's father, but he doesn't really kill her mother. He gets rid of her mortal body but imprisons her spirit, because he has a bit of evil magic in him. The Evil had taken advantage of his weaknesses to corrupt him. He killed her father because he was always jealous of him, because he loved Anithy's mother but could never have her, because he was too shy when she still had her magic, and once she got rid of her magic, she could never be magic again. So to marry her he would have to get rid of his magic too, and he wouldn't do that because he was so evil. So, it turns out that he is really an operative of the Evil and has been all along, and Anithy and co have to destroy him, and the only way they can do that is through the ultimate sacrifice- an idea that seems to be in many such books- and they have to give up what's left of the life of Anithy's mother. Just once they found each other again, she loses her. Once she's dead, the powers that were in the rings become the powers of the girls that have worn them, and they go on this long battle to finally get rid of the Evil, because even without the powers from the rings, they're the strongest fighting force their world has seen for millennia because there's an even distribution of people from each Region, and that can usually not happen because of the differences in warriors from each Region. Historically, in legend really, there were these four people, one from each of the Regions, who teamed up and fought the Evil way back when, and they only banished him, they couldn't destroy him. But now, with the four from the different regions and the powers from the rings, they are finally able to completely get rid of him. And everything©s good again or something because of this ultimate sacrifice and everything. So anyway, that's pretty much it.

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