The Saga of Dom Wafkon- Prologue
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The story of Dom Wafkon is, unlike most stories, told in much the same way, each time, by all storytellers. Bards, librarians, and mothers telling bedtime stories to their children change very little in the story. This is the way that it is told:

So far back in time that they have become a legend, several warriors built a fortress, high on a cliff above the Sea, to train warriors. They called it Dom Wafkon. These warriors developed their own fighting styles, and after many years of teaching other warriors, the makers broke their training into four styles. Each style specialized in different weapons and types of magic. The number of makers is uncertain; that detail has been lost in the annals of time. The number varies from four to two dozen, but all agree that from the beginning, there were four and only four styles.

In order to decide which new warriors coming to Dom Wafkon would be trained in each style, each group used their magic to form a region with different terrain around the edges of the fortress not bordered by the sea. Southernmost was the Swamp, then came the Forest, the Mountains, and, far to the north, the Desert. These Regions were buffered from the rest of the land by a plain called the Shared Plain. This area, too, was magical. No matter where a person entered it, it would shift so that the person was close to the two Regions that suited them best. They always had a choice, however, not only between the two, but between any of the four Regions- it would simply be a little harder to get to some of them. Because the makers knew that there would not always be a person who could properly decide where each prospective warrior belonged, they designed the Shared Plain to act as a guide.

Each region was made so that anyone passing through it would face at least three trials, because the makers of Dom Wafkon wanted to be sure that only worthy warriors came to them for training, and so, many that tried failed to make it through. The fortress then earned the name of Dom Wafkon Fortress of the Five Impassable Regions. The Sea, although much older than the other Regions, and naturally formed, was included in the count, for, as it was frothing with magic, it was truly impassable.

Dom Wafkon became such an important figure in the land that the people adopted a new calendar based on the formation of Dom Wafkon.

This is how the story is usually told. Very few people know that the Sea was not as passive as it seemed. When the makers of Dom Wafkon were beginning to train others, the concentration of magic in that area grew, grew so much that it was noticed by the Sea. It sent forth two beings of its own design to help the makers. They were the ones who gave the idea for the Regions and the Shared Plain, and they added a great deal of their own magic to the building of Dom Wafkon itself, including wards to prevent those with evil intentions from entering.

Their task done, the two beings returned to the Sea, which accepted its daughters, keeping them until they would be needed again.

It was in the Year of Dom Wafkon 47 when a great Evil emerged. For many years, this Evil gathered followers and fought with the warriors of Dom Wafkon. The wards that the daughters of the Sea had established helped keep the agressors at bay, but the warriors were still unable to defeat it, for every strength that a single warrior had, he also had a shortcoming that contributed to his downfall. Eventually the warriors determined that this was from training in the four seperate styles, and that warriors from each of the four styles would have to team up to fight the Evil, one style's strength covering another's weakness. But by this time, the warriors of the four styles had diversified so much that they could no longer work well together for such an important matter, as it had never since the building of Dom Wafkon been necessary. They could not agree on strategy, and any groups of four styles that formed were torn apart by personal disputes.

Finally, in YDW 107, four warriors, one of each style, teamed up, calling themselves The Four. They made a vow to focus only on the task at hand: defeating the Evil. Two years later, they almost succeeded in their goal, but could not completely destroy the Evil, as he was too powerful. The Four were only able to banish him far, far away, beyond many physical and magical barriers. However, the Evil was so powerful that although The Four succeeded in banishing him, they gave up their lives to secure him in his prison, each of their spirits bound in a level of the barriers.

After the defeat of the Evil and the deaths of The Four, the warriors of Dom Wafkon continued to train in their four different styles. And thus it has continued.

YDW 1615

Two orange-and-copper-clad women appeared in the bedroom of a young girl. She suddenly sat up in bed and said, "Four daughters will be born to four mothers in the same hour of the same day many years hence. One mother shall give each daughter a portion of her magic in a ring befitting the girl's destiny. A great Evil shall rise again, and only these four daughters together shall be able to defeat the Evil. They shall become sisters in all but blood."

One of the strange, ethereal women turned to the other and said, "Have you heard, Teagan?"

"It is noted, Crete." The two women slipped out into the shadows.

Just as suddenly as she had awoken the prophetess fell back asleep, and never knew the prophecy she had spoken. But the words had been spoken, and the two women had heard, and so the prophecy remains, waiting for its fufillment....

Chapter 1

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