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Shadow/Unified Force- 1- An Introduction to the Shadow Jedi/Unified Force

What is the Shadow Side/Unified Force?

Shadow Jedi "straddle the fence" of the Force, between Light and Dark. They take teachings from both sides, but ultimately seek balance. Some see being a Shadow Jedi as following both sides of the Force, while others, who more commonly use the term Unified Force, believe that there truly are no sides to the Force, just the Force, complete and whole, which is then percieved as having dark and light sides.

The Shadow Jedi Code
I am at Peace, for I know Emotion.
I have Power, for I also have Knowledge.
I have Passion, for I am Serene.
I can embrace Mortality, for I know Death.
I am balanced through the Force.

The Shadow Jedi Passage
I am at peace with myself.
I fear not the darkness, nor the light;
I harness both to my advantage.
I follow my own path.
I know the power of the Dark side,
And the peace of the Light.
I am the serenity of balance.
All the universe is a false-reality.
I pledge myself to my beliefs,
For I have found true life
In the balance of the Dark and the Light.


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