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Mrs. Darth Vader's Lessons- Environments- 7- Valley
Written by Mrs. Darth Vader

Key note: Prosperity, plenty, beginnings, endings, safety and despair

Valley is usually connoted with Yin and its opposite is the mountain, Yang. The valley symbolizes the womb or beginning of a journey or quest. A valley can be a resting place and where you recuperate before the next segment of your journey. A valley also is a place where one returns after another adventure. Because of the womb symbolism there is fertility in the valley as well. Valleys usually have a river system in them. They usually are at the bottom of hills and mountains

Valleys are safe places like in "Lord of the Rings" where the hobbits lived. They symbolize prosperity and plenty because of the abundance of life that lives there. This is in contrast to the austerity of a mountain which near its summit is rocky lacking plant life.

On the other hand a valley can represent emotional or spiritual loss of some kind. It sometimes means that you have come crashing down from great heights leading you to the valley of despair. In Psalms 23 it refers to the valley of the shadow of death and the person is told not to fear evil. The most infamous valley is " The Vally of Decision" in the book of Revelation where the final great war is to take place.

Valleys also symbolize communities and how to do good for that community. Everyone in the valley has a part to play and a place in the cooperative. Here energies and lessons associated with the valley is harmony and cooperation. The valley is where the sage comes to share the wisdom and enlightenment gained in the mountains The safety of the valley is the safety in numbers. Safety in banding together as apposed to safety in the mountains is based on its high easy to see an approaching army and easier to defend than a valley


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