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Mrs. Darth Vader's Lessons- Environments- 6- Prairies and Plains
Written by Mrs. Darth Vader

Keynote: Hopeful journeys to new possibilities. New winds of changes blowing.

Whenever you cross the plains it is the symbol of new hopes and possibilities. The prairies represent expansiveness and new potentials. In the Persian religion Mithras was known as Lord of the plains. In this example Mithras takes souls across the plains to get to heaven Here the plains are seen as the River Jordan is to others.

In the summer the plains are hot and dry. In the winter the plains are cold and wet. The plains and prairies teach us how to adapt to extreme conditions. They also teach us to balance in the face of opposition The plants have adapted to conserve water. Prairies and plains are similar to the desert in many ways as can be seen by the hot and dry aspects so there is some overlap.

The prairies and plains are places where there is a lot of wind. The wind can be strong so plants have to bend and be flexible. The lesson here is, it is better to bend rather than break. Wind also brings fresh change and new hopes. Wind is air moving not being stagnant so the promise of change and movement comes with prairies and plains. Wind is unseen but has great power so this totem in a dream means you will awaken great power with in you or you already have awakened great power with in you. Of course a look at the air element when dealing with plains and prairies would be beneficial


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