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Mrs. Darth Vader's Lessons- Environments- 5- Mountain
Written by Mrs. Darth Vader

Key note: Communion with the Force. Knowledge of balance between earthly and Godly(spirit)

Mountains have many stories, tales and legends surrounding them. If mountain is a totem it would help to find out which mountain range it is and the God, archangel, angel associated with it. The mountain is masculine symbol because of its hight and vertical landscape. Due to the massiveness of a mountain it expresses sexual aspects of the masculine. It is also a symbol of masculine outward expression, assertiveness and aggression. If the mountain is more quiet and docile, than it symbolizes assertiveness. If it has an active volcano it symbolizes aggressiveness. Mountains have plants and animals that live on them. Which plants and animals was your totem on this mountain will help determine the role of mountain in your life.

Mountains are a gateway that we can walk to get close to the Force(God) and because it teaches the ways of spirit and the mundane earth world, balancing the two, they help us obtain enlightenment in a balanced way. On Mount Sinai Moses met the Force(God) and he had such a holy experience it changed even his looks. Moses had a real spiritual experience on earth without dieing first. So the mountain here represents meeting God himself (the Force) and all that goes with that experience This same mountain experience with God, Moses got the famous ten commandments. Here is God showing Moses how man lives with man in the mundane world. So you have the very high and heavenly and the day to day law. To say it in Mason it is the 28th degree and 31-32nd degree put in one easy lesson. Then on this mountain is symbolized by the covenant with man. This symbolizes how God deals with man. There are other stories in other religions where man met God (the Force) as a result of climbing a mountain and meditating Look at the animal or plant and the mountain itself to see what God(the Force), archangel or religious tradition this mountain is saying to you.

The ancient Chinese saw mountains as symbols of greatness and generosity. Mountains were attributed generating rainfall so here they bring life sustaining waters. The mountains in Chinese have spirits that look like little monkeys or little men. So look at monkey totem will benefit those whose mountain is in China.

Many sages go up the mountain to be able to commune with the Force (God). This is the place to be if hearing the Force is what you want. Also many sages get their life's purpose on a mountain God (the Force) gives you your assignment on earth on mountains Many Prophets came down from a mountain with the phrase " Thus sayeth the Lord". Another words, I have heard the Force speak and this is what he wanted me to tell you. People have got what it is they are supposed to be doing on earth on the mountain Others have stayed on the mountain never leaving and their life is about the Force and only the Force. People have to climb the mountain to ask anything from this kind of sage. This is the totally detached sage that gets spiritual knowledge from the Force but is not going to reincarnate when he dies so this sage is going to merge with the Force itself so he does not come down from the mountain You must seek his knowledge by making the climb up the mountain your self.


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