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Mrs. Darth Vader's Lessons- Environments- 3- Fields and Meadows
Written by Mrs. Darth Vader

Key Note: Abundance, nourishment, fertility, balance of life and place of silent soft growth.

Meadows and fields have abundant animal life and vegetation or plant life in them. There is usually a river near the meadow which is the water source for that meadow. There is many times a woods or forest at the edges of the field or meadow. Because of the abundance of life and the life cycle process, if your animal totem is found in a field or meadow than abundance and nourishment would be part of what is included in the animals message. Animals do not live in a vacuum but in a habitat so that habitat it self also has a message. The earth is all interconnected. The soil is usually well nourished and fertile. This is a god environment so if your animal is found here this symbolizes that in your life it should be the same, fertile, abundant and a well balanced ecosystem. If you are lacking this in your life your animal and the meadow will help you see that which is preventing you from having this meadow in your life. Go to your meadow or field and meditate. The answers will come.

Fields and meadows are quiet places where the breezes are soft and refreshing. Because of the silent beauty and relaxed nature of the field or meadow they are places of silent and soft growth. they bring out our soft gentle side and feed hope. Fields and meadows can awaken joy and fun. Here the soft meadow is portrayed in Star Wars where Anakin is playful and full of fun. To frolic in the field with Anakin is the gentle soft fun side of Anakin.

If fields and meadows are left alone they slowly evolve into thickets. From thickets it will eventually become woods. The grasses that live in fields and meadows usually have underground runners in order to spread. This symbolically means that tasks and jobs should be done quietly and underground. This is slow and evolutionary not revolutionary. Due to the fact that fields and meadows have a lot of flowers in them; there is a lot of insects in them. Insects spread pollen around to make more flowers.


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