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Mrs. Darth Vader's Lessons- Environments- 2- Desert
Written by Mrs. Darth Vader

Keynote: Ability to use resources available, hardiness in struggles, purification and spiritual revelations.

The desert is known as a symbol of purification and testing. Getting lost in the desert to find new life direction and purpose is often written about in many religions. People have gone into the desert in the past to purify themselves in order to prepare for an initiation of some kind.

The desert's most outstanding feature is the lack of water. It is scorching hot in the day and drops dramatically cold at night. The animals that live in the desert environment have evolved so that they can survive in that environment. So if you get a totem that is from such an environment and the desert is its normal habitat it means you have the ability to survive the desert in your life that you are currently in. You will make it through your time of testing.

Animals use many different techniques to survive desert conditions The Harris hawk for example hunts in groups. Most birds of prey hunt alone or in pairs. The Harris hawk hunts in groups. The harshness of the desert has taught them that in times of scarcity banning together ensures survival. This lesson humans should learn because as times get tougher people are doing the exact opposite of this smart bird. People are closing off and getting colder as conditions get tough. By helping one another the Harris hawk has reduced the stress levels of such a harsh environment as the desert. All the animals are hardy and resilient including the plants in the desert. No resource in the desert is wasted. Predator and prey alike uses their resources and strength wisely. The desert is where you truly learn to understand the Sith code of "No power is wasted".

Desert plants have adapted to hold as much water as possible to survive the arid conditions of the desert. These plants usually have thorns instead of leaves to discourage grazing, another tactic for survival. Many of prophets have had visions in the desert. Jesus was tempted in the desert by a serpent who was Satan Biblical prophets have purified themselves and readied themselves for spiritual revelations in deserts. Islands have also served this purpose.

Deserts can be seen in positive or negative terms depending on the circumstances of your being in the desert. Sometimes the desert is a place of punishment, a place of separation from God (the Force). Deserts are sometimes places of torment. Deserts are unforgiving places. You have to know what you are doing to survive the desert.. Other times the desert is a place where God (the Force) shows himself with extraordinary clarity and intensity. In Exodus the Hebrews wandered in the desert looking for the promised land. During their walk in the desert the Force showed himself for all to see. God (the Force) came as a pillar of smoke by day and a pillar of fire by night. He fed them manna to eat in the desert. Water was provided and when in war Moses held up his staff to help the Hebrews win. A brazen serpent was made while in the desert that all who looked upon it were healed. So in the desert God (the Force) moved his mighty hand.

In Star Wars the desert is the birth place of both chosen people by the Force. Anakin was born in the desert planet of Tatooine. Here the desert is the place where the one the Force is choosing is to be the powerful Darth Vader. Here the desert represents the Force switching from Yang to Yin and is rising up a powerful Sith Lord. On the other hand the same Tatooine is where Luke Skywalker is to grow up In this case Luke is sent to the desert. Luke was destined to be the Jedi knight who brings Anakin back to the light side. Here the Force switches from Yin to Yang. Luke was destined to bring a new dawn to the Jedi making them more pro-mass.

There will be other environments which I hope this will give those of you who are reading the totems the entire picture both animals and their environments. Remember how a totem fits for you only you can tell by your intuition and your communion with the Force. Only you know what is going on in your life when a totem comes to you and its environment just fills out the message.


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