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Mrs. Darth Vader's Lessons- Animal Totems- 9- Raven
Written by Mrs. Darth Vader

Keynote: magic, shape-shifting and creation

Cycle of power: Winter Solstice

Raven is a bird that has much mystery and lore surrounding it. Raven and crow is a bird of birth, death, mysticism and magic. Raven as crow has contradicting symbolism associated with it. In the middle east, it is considered unclean and is a food listed as forbidden in the Bible.

Raven in the middle ages foretold death and battle out comes. When raven cawed someone will die. Even today raven or crow caws in many of horror movies, Bible end times movies like "The Omega Code " or even the modern nuke movie " The Day After " . Crow caws and flies away then the next scene is nukes leavening their cylos heading towards Russia and theirs coming towards America. Obviously Hollywood plays on the sense of fear people have of ravens and crows when they caw.

This is because the raven or crow is one of the first birds (save Vulture) to sense a disturbance in the Force on the psychic plane. The same is true for dangers on the physical plane. The physical plane is where crow will sense before vulture. Raven will sense hunters, weather disturbances and other threats. If raven is seen facing a clouded sun, hot weather is expected. Raven and crow are the same totemically speaking. The only difference is raven is bigger. This means what ever raven is saying it will have a larger impact. Weather it be a good omen or bad if it is raven it will be a bigger impact. If it is crow it will be a smaller impact.

Of course in the study of totems your vibes are most important when you encounter any totem or any direct messages from the animal or the Force. These written things are general information about each animal and is to be considered but if you are directly told by the animal or the Force, go with that.

Raven brought forth life and order according to the pacific northwest. Raven took the sun light so the world could have light. One who would keep the world in darkness, was foiled by raven. Nothing could exist without raven so raven creates all things. Raven also represents unity of the Force at the top of the Keter because of his shiny black color. It is the light and the dark blended together.

The God Odin turned himself into raven when ever he needed to. Because of this ability raven, crow can teach you how to shape shift. Odin had two ravens as consorts with him. Hugin (thought) and Munin (memory) this memory refers to the collective memories of all humans. It is the collective unconscious. This is where Runes and totems meet. The Dagaz rune embodies the God Odin. This is the place where things that seem opposite are really in tandem. Life, death, pleasure, pain, light and dark. This is the mystery of Odin. It would be called the mystery of Mithras in Persian. Palpatine in space age modern. The God Odin was all in black hooded robe with a patch over one eye. Mithras was also black hooded God but with no patch. This was in every way similar to Palpatine. Today we have Palpatine embodying the same dialectical mystery.

Crow, raven is a very sithy totem it like the Dagaz rune represents the Force itself. To say it in Christian it is the God the Father with all the mysteries that is embodied here. In raven all spirits intermingle hence the shiny black. Out of the black sprang forth light. Raven can teach you how to become other animals and learn their languages. Ravens like their cousins, the blue jay, can mimic other birds and their sounds.

"Ravens are playful and they are excellent tool users. They will use stones and anything else that is available to help them crack nuts and such. They are birds not intimidated by others, and they are very fast and wary. Because of this, they are not easy prey for other animals or birds. This implies the ability to teach you how to stir the magic of life without fear. They are also known for their amorous behavior, reflecting the strong creative life force to which they have access." Ted Andrews. I quoted him here because this little quote shows how raven like Palpatine embodies all that is Sith.

The raven teaches you how to use magic to bring to the material planes that what you need most. You can also bring down spiritual laws to the material plane. This action is similar to what Moses did with the Ark of the Covenant. Raven is the ultimate magician like Palpatine. Raven will teach you the power of the dark side of the Force. He will also show you how to use the light side as well. Remember balance is important to the Sith.

If raven shows up as a totem expect magic to enter your life. It could mean you will gain knowledge of magic or someone could be doing magic against you. If raven is the one warning you, than he also has the solution. So do not fear but learn with raven and like the Sith fight off your enemy with the magic raven teaches you.

Raven is a powerful totem so use his magic well and with a level head. Cool, calm and collected and calculated like Palpatine and you should overcome your adversary. Raven links your will and intention to magic which is necessary for any magic to work. Raven can speak messages from the spirit realm. He helps you hear the Force.

The raven biggest time of power is the Winter Solstice, which is the shortest day of the year. Raven teaches you how to go into the dark and bring forth light. With each trip in we bring more light out. This is the creation process. It is another way that describes hoe the emanations of the Force, separated until reaching the material plane. Here are raven pictures.


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